Government Shutdown: The Sky is Still Up There

The government shutdown is in full effect and the earth hasn’t stood still.  The sky isn’t falling and Americans continue their daily lives with little to no interference from the shutdown.  Could it be that the ineffectiveness and waste of most federal government programs, were never felt by most Americans to begin with?  Could the fear of the Democrats and their chicken little diatribes be more rooted in the fact that Americans could get use to less government?  You can’t miss what you’ve never been subsidized for or handed out, right?

There is a role for federal government to include safety nets . We are the richest nation in the history of the world, so we should take care of our elderly, young and less fortunate.  On the same token, bigger government doesn’t equate to better government.  This shutdown may actually expose the bloated “non-essential programs” of our federal government.