Missing Brightest Mind in Florida Politics

In today’s politics it’s not who you know, but rather who knows you.

Recently, SaintPetersBlog profiled the brightest and most influential politicos in Florida. Political operatives like Brett Doster, Steve Schale and Sarah Bascom are among the Brightest Minds in Florida Politics, who have earned the respect of their peers.

However, there’s one political influential that’s conspicuously missing from the Brightest Minds list, which makes it incomplete. The missing politico is well known by not just the top Florida operatives, but also lobbyists, reporters, activists, candidates, corporate executives and public officials.

It’s accurate to say that if he doesn’t know you, then there’s little chance your ballot box, legislative or corporate campaign will get the political tread it needs to succeed.

That missing Brightest Mind in politics is the editor and publisher of the SaintPetersBlog, Peter Schorsch. Peter has earned his place as a mover and shaker, brightest mind in Florida politics, but he cannot nominate himself, so I will on behalf of many of my colleagues.

Peter Schorsch
Peter Schorsch

Peter established SaintPeterBlog, one of Florida’s most influential political websites with more than 25,000 unique visitors per day. SaintPetersBlog was recognized by the Washington Post as one of the best blogs in the country.   At any time, Peter has the ability to reach and influence thousands of thought leaders across the state. More often than not, he has the latest scoop, hours ahead of the news media.

If you want to be in the loop on what’s happening on Florida’s political scene, Peter has it at SaintPetersBlog.

Florida’s political elites recognize Peter’s success as a political consultant and blogger. Hell, there are some folks who don’t even like Peter, but who would publicly agree that he has made a significant and lasting impact on Florida’s political landscape.

The Brightest Minds in Florida Politics will tell you that SaintPetersBlog is a mandatory daily read. That read is very easy due to Peter’s well sponsored daily morning email, Sunburn, outlining what’s hot in Florida politics and public affairs.

Of course, when one person has that much political gravity and influence, he or she will run into some controversy. Peter has seen his share over the years. Yet, anyone in politics will tell you, if you haven’t made some enemies along the way, then you haven’t taken enough risks or done your job well.

Obviously, Peter has done his job well and he deserves the recognition and accolades for growing his political blog during a time where many news sites are struggling. It’s a safe bet that Peter will continue to drive and influence the political scene for many years to come.

So if Peter doesn’t know you or your issue, then I would advise you make it a priority to meet with him at his favorite coffee spot in downtown St. Petersburg.