The Reality of Death

Grim Reaper Standing in the Meadow

Last weekend, I spent most of my Saturday in a FL hospice with a man that I had only met one time before. He died early the next morning. He died with loved ones comforting him as he struggled to stay alive to the very end.

Death awaits us all. How you face death depends on how you face life. The more you allow yourself to be distracted by the illusions of the world, the harder your death will be. Death strips away the illusions that deceive us from knowing the truth about this world and ourselves in this world.

One of the secrets of life is realizing the truth during our life’s journey. To find the truth, you must have the character in place to handle and discern the realities of what’s wrong and what’s right. More importantly, having the faith and courage to do the right thing every time.

The illusions of the secular world help justify the wrongs, and in many cases redefine the wrongs into warped realities of right. Ex: Burning the American flag. It’s your legal right, but it still doesn’t make it right.

Bald Eagle and Flag

What do you see when you look in the mirror? When death comes calling, you will see your reflection. However, you won’t see the facade of your body, but rather the reflection of your character. Will you be satisfied or will you be struggling? I’ve witnessed many deaths, enough to say you don’t want to be struggling.

Death sucks, but how we die is determined by how we developed our personal relationship with God. Blaming God for the wrongs of this world is a self-imposed illusion. Don’t fall for it. God loves me, you and humankind. He created us in His image and it’s that image that we must strive to reflect in the mirror of life and the mirror of death.

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